1. brillant song , we are learning it in our french class, from northern ireland , enniskillen, co. fermanagh, 4 killyhevlin park

    great catchy song love it well done

  2. Gav Newalkar

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to say a bit THANKYOU from Australia. Your website’s very helpful for people learning French. Your translations are very helpful, especially the idioms and slang expressions.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll mention your website on my facebook to let others know.


  3. Wikkid X

    I’ve just been trying to translate this song myself, then happened upon your translation, which is of course much better!

    There’s a bit that he sings at the end that isn’t included here:

    Non je sais pas faire comme
    Apres tout je suis qu’un homme

    Non je ne veux pas vivre comme
    Dans le case de l’oncle Tom

    En papa Dalton
    Me r’trouver dans un album

    Apres tout je ne suis qu’un homme

    It’s the “papa Dalton” bit I’m struggling with – is it a reference I’m not picking up? Can anyone help?

    Wikkid X

  4. Sammy

    Amazing translation! You gave a very clear and detailed explanation of each verse that really helps bring the depth to the context of the song. As a non native speaker this alone has really helped. I can sing along word for word,(even though my pronunciation feels more like battling a tongue twister), but the difference of understanding the words is just an incredible feeling. I learn the majority of a language through music, before I even attempt to learn structure. It helps tremendously, so thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

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