1. Elias

    I think you are wrong about the jeans in the translation.
    She says ” collegienne aux bas bleus de methylene”, which means literally “college girl with blue stockings” – see, college is different in France and you could translate it as schoolgirl too, but the word “bleus” was related directly to the stockings of the school uniform – les bas – which is naturally a plural.
    Good luck with the translations!

  2. Muskanty

    In the chorus, methinks that when she says “Hello, Helli, t’es là”, the English equivalent would be “Hello, Helli, you’re there”. “T’es” being a contraction of tu es, or you are.

  3. c-loud

    “Lo de vie” is also “L’eau de vie” as they’re homophones. That would also make sense with “Lo aux amours diluviennes.”
    “Bleus” is plural because she’s talking about “bas bleus” which would be like leggings as someone else already pointed out.

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