Pour que tu m’aimes encore – by Celine Dion

“Pour que tu m’aimes encore” (English: So that you will love me again) is Celine Dion’s biggest French hit.  I love this song, and it is great for learning a few interesting vocabulary words.


faner: to wilt (usually refers to flowers)

jetter des sorts: to cast a spell

gâcher: to throw away

les louanges (fem.): praises

la vendange: harvest (specifically of grapes, often used when discussing wine)

le marabout (masc. or fem. – typically masc.): an Islamic wiseman or teacher (can be from Northern Africa, hence “marabouts d’Afrique”)

une étincelle: a spark

Lyrics Translate – Pour que tu m’aimes encore

for the full French lyrics and English translation.

And, finally, here is the song:

There is an error on the video’s lyrics – in the chorus it is not “d’autres dansent tes airs” it is “d’autres dansent tes heures” as it says in the translation. “Danse tes heures” is the name of a ballet.

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