1. Anja

    Do you believe that vulgar words in French translation or Turkish or Chinese or any other translations should be preserved or you’d rather see milder words being used? Do you think it is important to “warn” the reader of such words?

  2. Thanks for putting together a blog like this; the best way to learn a language, by far, is through music. I’ve done it with Catalan when I was moving to Barcelona, and now I want to do it with French.

    Consider me a loyal customer already 😉

  3. Although I like your Freudian analysis for the phrase “le corps aux objets perdus” , I am not sure that Christophe Maé should be credited with such depth…! Les objets perdus (used for the rhyme) is a sometimes-synonym of “les objets trouvés” (always plural), i.e. lost & found. “le corps aux objets perdus”, could mean “my body [is] in the lost and found”. I think he means his body belongs to her and no one has claimed it since she left him. Also note that in the last ten-fifteen years “trop” is used in place of “très” in slang. It means “very much” instead of literally “too much”, e.g. “elle est trop cool” = she’s super/really nice.

  4. I’m glad I found this. I’ve been trying to learn French on my own for quite some time by watching French TV, textbook, reading short stories but you easily get bored. This is a fresh new way to learn!

  5. selma

    salut..and thanx an ocean for such a great website…
    i have a question…why did u choose french songs for teaching french?..we all know that many songwriters shorten the words or use other means for preserving the rythm of the lyrics and make it easy to sing, this is what ive noticed in english songs atleast…do u still think that learning french by studying the lyrics is a good way?

  6. gly

    le coeur en bandouliere means to say smth without thinking about it. so really directly. sometimes it can cause problems you know what i mean? bcs u dont think abot the consequences.

  7. yam

    hi! one of my dreams is thespeke french. i’ve been searching for a long time after an intresting way to learn it. music is defently the best way to do so….and your blog is amazing!… thank you. keep on the good work :)))))

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